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Emo Love Stories

(A True Ghost Story) - Read about a true love story on how even death is unable to separate a pair of lovers.

(A Silent Love) - Can love exist in total silence? See how love overcome disability. Very touching story.

(True Love) - Is there ever such a thing as true love? This story is about how a futile search for true love end up in tears for a man who found it too late.

(My Friend) - A true original story about a friend. All rights of this story belongs to the webmaster and this story is dedicated to his friend. It teaches us to treausure life to the maximum.

(Stories On Love) - Although we might not want to think so, sometimes everything is fated. Witness how love goes around in a full cricle as seen in this story on love.

(My Love Story) - It takes real courage to walk away from the person you love if it is for the better. Find out how this particular writer did it through sheer mental strength and determination.


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