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Short Love Stories

(Love, Wealth and Success) - Which of the three to you wish to attain most? Is it love, wealth or success? See how love matters most ultimately.

(The Healing Poison) - Ever heard of a poison that heals a poisoned person? Grab the story here now.

(Potatoes) - See how hatred and potatoes are link here. Hidden beneath the cute love story lies a lesson for little kids.

(Teenage Love Stories) - A typical love story which reminds us about our teenage love life.

(She Was Not Beautiful) - She was beautiful, no matter what they say.. Words can't bring her down.. Learn the truth about true beauty which is very different from what the media potrays.

(Man's Best Friend) - How deep is your love go for your best friend? Would you go all out to save your best friend if he/she is only an animal?


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