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Sorry Love Poems
To All The Guys Who Look Past The Nice Girls

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I'm sorry that I opened up to you,
And told you that I [really] liked you.

I'm sorry that I was [raised with respect, ]
And that I don't sleep with every guy that comes around.

I'm sorry that my body's not [perfect] enough,
To 'satisfy' your wants.

I'm sorry that I'm not 'hot'enough,
To be [your girl].

I'm sorry that I'm actually nice,
And [not a bitch].

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I'm sorry I don't have a [huge bank account]
To buy you expensive things

I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home
[Cuddling with you, instead of goin out].

I'm sorry that I am always the one you need to talk to,
But never [good enough] to date

I'm sorry that I am there to [comfort] you,
When you and your new girl got in a fight.

I'm sorry
If I start not being there, and being used as a [door mat],
Only to be thrown to the side when a [hotter] girl catches your eye.

I'm sorry
If I don't answer my phone anymore when you call,
To listen to you [wine] about how badly girls treat you.

I'm sorry that you can't realize,
I've been [the one all along].

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I'm sorry
If you read this, and [don't even care].

But most of all...

I'm sorry
For not being sorry anymore.

I'm sorry
That you can't accept me for who I am.

I'm sorry
I can never do anything right, and nothing that I do is good
enough to make it in your world.

I'm sorry
I have priorities and don't have much time to go out.

I'm Sorry
That when I've had a long day, all I want to do is cuddle and feel comfortable with you

I'm Sorry
That i fall fast when I know what my heart feels.

Im sorry
That I run away when i dont know what to do.

I'm sorry
That I'm tired of fighting, and that I don't want to hurt anymore.

Im sorry
That im tiried of searching to be accepted and that theres nothing else I can do.

I'm sorry
That I told you I loved you and actually meant it.

I'm Sorry
That I cared.

And last...

I'm sorry that I wasn't what you were looking for.
I'm sorry that I couldn't give you what you thought you deserved.
I'm sorry that you broke my heart.
I'm sorry that I gave you the chance to break my heart again.

But mostly...

I'm sorry that I don't hate you.
Because you know damn well that I should.

Crystal Johnson

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