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Secret Love Poems
I'll Just Keep My Pride

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I won't cry over you now,

Not again like before.

I've wasted enough tears on you,

And I won't shed anymore.


You're not worth the hurt,

If you don't even care.

If you won't even make the effort,

To say you'll be there.

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I've had enough now,

I won't take the pain,

Of the disappointment hope brings,

Like sunshine in pouring rain.


At least from that comes a rainbow,

With it's beauty and delight.

But from us can only come despair,

As dark as deepest night.


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Just leave me alone now,

To forget is all i want to do.

But really, right down deep inside,

All I want is you.


With false hope you kept me alive.

I see now, how thats built inside.

I still need you for my love to survive,

But you'll never know, I'll just keep my pride.

White Rose

More Secret Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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