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In Your Arms

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On that faithful Sunday afternoon
I couldn't see how much you would mean to me
Make me see the world through your eyes
In your arms I have never felt safer
A place I would like to stay forever
Resting my head on your shoulders
Takes the world off mine
And with you time is immeasurable
It's the best time when I'm with you
And the worst time for me to leave you

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All that keeps me up is knowing that one day
Your arms will be where my home will lay
And I can smile your special smile everyday
The same everyday that I think of you
Knowing you feel the same way too
No-one knows how much what we have is real

Never felt so loved
So adored
I don't need anyone anymore
To tell me sweet nothings
And give me empty promises
All I ever need was you
For the first time
I feel happy
I feel whole
Only God knew it would take all of you
To complete all of me

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Nothing else matters now
I see the future that you always saw
Feel the love you always felt
Without you it's just not the same
I couldn't say anymore
Just hold me and never let go
Because I'm home

Maria H

More Romantic Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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