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Hopeless Romantic

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Loneliness has made

me a hopeless romantic,

I don't have the youth

or charm to offer you,

I don't have the great health

or wealth to share with you,

I only have me,

a hopeless romantic,

to make you smile at me.

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When you first smiled at me,

your greetings ignited the sparkles of love in me,

I saw the mirage of the love oasis in your eyes,

I daydreamt of the fountain of affection in your smiles.


When you first touched my hands,

I almost got electrocuted by the loving sensation,

When I squeezed your hands with mine,

the sweats of love were

born in the warmth of our affection.


When we were together for a few moments,

my loneliness hid itself in some distant corner,

Those few hours of conversation, fun and games,

will remain in my thoughts for days to come.


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When you bid farewell with a gentle hug,

I thought I lost the biggest treasure in the world,

Even if you will be gone for a while,

Till we meet,

I will be daydreaming

about you day and night.


Jay P Narain

More Romantic Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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