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Romantic Kiss
10 Romantic Ways to Kiss


10. Under a star lit night.

9. In front of everybody in public. The longer the better!

8. Under the staircase with the possibility that you might be caught.

7. In an elavator when there are only 2 of you around.

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6. At the top of Eiffel tower or any places gives you a bird's eye view.

5. When one of you/both of you is eating a sweet. Adds special meaning to a sweet kiss!

4. On the beach but in the waves. Romantic isn't it?

3.When your partner is sleeping, kiss him/her until he/she wakes up.

2. Under the pouring rain. Without the umbrella of course!

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And Finally...

1. When you feel like kissing him/her without any reason of course!


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