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Romantic Ideas


Romantic Ideas

Looking for romantic ideas to keep the fire burning in the relationship? Check out the romantic ideas section. If not, you can still look out for other stuff about romance if you are in the mood for romance.


Ideas To Keep The Fire Burning

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In The Mood For Romance

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Some romantic ideas

Write a letter everyday both of you are apart.

Give him/her a bunch of helium filled heart shaped balloons.

Fix a jigsaw puzzle together.

Place glow in the dark stars on the walls in the bedroom froming the words, "You light up my life."

Learn to play his/her favorite song on a musical instrument.

Leave post it notes all over the house telling how much you love him/her.

Make a scrapbook about your love story and give it to him/her.

Bring him/her on a surprise romantic getaway!

Write a message in a bottle together and throw it into the sea.

Create a time capsule containing all your little secrets together and open it many years later.

Have a candlelight dinner together on the beach.

Fly a specially made kite that form the words "I love you"

Make a website about your love story for him/her.

Write cheques for special treats for him/her that can be cashed in anytime.

Mail him/her a love letter expressing your love.

Create a treasure hunt for your partner, bringing him/her to various special places for the two of you.

Carve a love confession on the biggest tree/rock you can find. Visit the tree/rock on special occasions together.

Re-create a poster from a real romance movie poster with you and your partner faces instead of the lead actor and actress faces.


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