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Romantic Games


Romantic Scrabble Game

Play scrabble like normal but only using romantic words. If the "romanticness" of the word is challenged, party must prove the use of it giving examples or better still, perform it!


Love Puzzle

An old favourite. Add a twist to it by buying a normal puzzle but scribbling a hidden love message on the puzzle. Have fun fixing the puzzle together!

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Romantic Body Painting

Play simple games like poker and blackjack but with the punishment as body painting. Get some body paint prepared beforehand. Have fun painting different parts of the body!



Play battle shiips but with a strip poker twist to it. The person whose ship is sunk will have to take off a piece of clothing!


Love Hunt

Send your partner on a treasure hunt around the house or even better, around the neighbourhood. Leave clues and short surprises for them. Let your imagination run and think of the different prizes to give him/her.

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Love Sports

Play a game of your favourite sports together but only with you and him/her. Allow handicaps for the weaker partner. Remember to make the losing party do forfeits!

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