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Rhyming Love Poems
From Dusk till Dawn

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From Dusk till Dawn I ponder away

the time I gave my heart away.

It's been broken many times,

and that why I'm rhyming these rhymes.

All these times I've trusted,

and then it all busted.

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The love all died and

Iwas trying to figure out how to survive.

Crying away with nothing to say.

Only trusting a friend,

That I can only send these poems.

From the bottom of my heart.

She's a sweetheart.

She's my friend,

my best friend and she comes first.

And one day we'll be riding in the same hearse.

Old and weary.

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Wrinkled and dead

but the love did not die between us.



More Rhyming Love Poems Page 1


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