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Relationship Poems
Sitting Here I Can't Stop Thinking About You

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Sitting here I can't stop thinking about you,
Knowing we're meant to be together is one thing I always knew,

Our conversations all night long,
As long as I'm with you, nothing can go wrong,

Time away from you I can barely stand,
My thoughts focused on you, dreaming to hold your hand,

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The moment I see you my heart starts to pound,
I can understand what you're thinking without you making a sound,

You make me realize how precious things are,
How to appreciate things other than jewlery or a nice car,

The way you smile, laugh, and smell,
I never thought I''d fall in love with you, but baby I fell,

I love when I hear you say "I Love You",
But sometimes, something stops me from saying "I Love You Too",

Maybe it's because I'm afraid our relationship won't last,
Because of what has happened in the past,

I hope now that we're back together, it lasts long,
We gotta work hard to keep our relationship strong,

If for some reason we drift apart,
I know you'll always be in my heart,

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My heart tells me we'll always reunite,
But I'm afraid things will end for good one night,

So now I sit here and pray,
That that'll never happen one day,

Yet if we do split, it's our fate,
Though I'll cry my eyes out and stay up late,

And Whatever I claim is true,
I want you to remember no matter what, I will always love you


More Relationship Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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