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Key To My Heart

It’s those eyes that make me smile
That voice that makes me melt
This overwhelming feeling I’m lost in
A feeling I've never felt

Can’t help but stare
At those beautiful eyes
Cant help but get
Those butterflies

Can’t help but thank you
For the things you do
Can’t help but smile
When you say I love you

Can’t help but kiss
Those nice pink lips
Can’t help but frown
When it’s you I miss

Can’t help but go crazy
Over you
These overwhelming feelings
Are oh so true

I would walk miles
Just to see your face
Would cross the whole wide world
Just to feel your embrace

I would go anywhere
Just to hear those words
I would do everything for you
Because you are my world

I have completely
Given you my all
I will be there
Whenever you may fall

I will be there
Through thick and thin
I will be there
To be you’re everything

So here’s my heart
I give to you
You have the key
Like I do

Please solemnly promise
to never break it apart
and that you will always have
the key to my heart...


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