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Why is our love so special,
I think that I know.
Maybe it's you baby,
And what of your heart you show.

Your brighten my day,
You make me worry-free.
Why, because you're you,
And together it's you and me.

Together we are perfect,
I really think it will last.
You are like no other guy,
That I've ever loved in the past.

Sweetheart I think its destiny,
This relationship of me and you.
No other guy could get in my way,
Because baby I really love you.

No matter what you've done before,
No matter what you've said,
All of that's forgotten,
My love for you is all that's in my head.

The only thing I really don't get,
Is why I love you so much,
Looks is usually the main thing that counts,
But for you baby I think its trust.

I don't care about anything else,
Baby just you and me.
I know some day it will come,
I'll wake up and you'll be what I see.



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