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Poems About Love
Sweet Surrender

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The silence echoes emptiness.
I cannot hear you speak.
My arms reach out to caress you.
But they hold only the cold
dark night that surrounds me.

Teardrops weep for you.
As my heart aches for you.
Why are you gone?
What did I do wrong?

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did you speak my name?
It must be.
If it could be?
'tis only my memories of the sound
of your sweet voice.

lying alone without the touch of you.
Without the scent of your hair.
Without your gentle hands upon me.

Yearning for the feel of your loving
body hovering o'er me.
Wanting me as I am
wanting you
needing you.

Come to me.
Relinquish all the heartache.
Surrender your love for me.
As I surrender myself to you.

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We will not speak of tomorrow.
But only rejoice in the glorious moments
we have shared tonight so tenderly.


Sonji Rush

More Poems About Love Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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