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You may admire
a girl's curves
on the first introduction,
but the second meeting
shows up new angles.

When traveling the path of life,
and finding love along the way,
everything looks new and different.
Little do you know it is the same old landscape
you used to see all of the time;
love has just given you new eyes.

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As you read a book,
it's hard to turn into another page
unless you understand the first one..
just like "LOVE"..
it's hard to go on with the new,
unless you are over
with your "PAST"..

A new wound makes
all the old ones ache again.

How delicious is the winning
of a kiss at love's beginning.

Love, like a river, will cut a new path
whenever it meets an obstacle.

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Never in a million years did I think I'd find
someone so utterly and completely perfect;
someone who'd make me happier than
I ever dreamed I could be;
someone that would touch my life
so profoundly and just give me
a whole new reason to breathe...
But then I found you,
and realized that everything
I anticipated you'd be,
doesn't even compare to what you are

More New Love Quotes Page 1


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