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Once upon a time,
something happened to me,
it was the sweetest thing,
that could ever be,
a fantasy, a dream come true,
it was the day that I met you

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Love has no age limit..
You don't have to be any age to love.
I mean when I was three,
I loved my teddy bear.
The only difference is that now my teddy bear is
about 6' with brown hair & blue eyes.
He can walk, talk, & this teddy bear loves me back.

Someone is going to hurt you
at some point in your life
its up to you to decided
who is worth it and who is not

Picture living with that one person
for the rest of your life.
Now, picture living without them.
Which one's harder?

The rose that you gave me has faded,
and wilted away.
But, the love tucked in deep inside
remains in my heart forever.

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We came together
underneath the stars above.
What started out as liking
soon developed into love.
I sense a certain something that,
in my heart,
felt so true that
I knew I waited all my life
to fall in love with you.

You're nothing short
of my everything.

More Meaningful Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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