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A kiss is a lovely trick
designed by nature to stop speech
when words become superfluous.

Love is not measured by how you feel,
but how you make the other person feel.

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A kiss is just a kiss
till you find the one you love.
A hug is just a hug
till you find the one
you're always thinking of.
A dream is just a dream
till it comes true.
Love was just a word
till I heard it from you.

It is a lovely thing
to have a husband and wife
developing together and
having the feeling of
falling in love again.
That is what marriage
really means:
helping one another
to reach the full status
of being persons,
responsible and
autonomous beings
who do not run away from life.

I love you -
those three words have my life in them.

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I never loved you more cause
I never loved you less,
I dont love you now coz
I will love you always,
I dont just love you coz
I love you more than
I love you can say ...

More Lovely Quotes Page 1 | 2


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