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Romantic Stories

(The Salty Coffee) - Can a cup of coffee ever taste salty? Read how a cup of salty coffee binds a couple together and contributed to a sweet ending to their love.

(Tree, Leaf and Wind) - A poetic love story about the relationship between a tree, leaf and the wind which is a reflection of love in real life.

(The Lizard) - Let a pair of lizards help you find your way to your beloved's heart.

(The Blind Girl) - See how love overcomes blindness in this heart wrenching tale about love.

(The Rose Trust) - Curious to find out whats a rose trust? Its a trust fund that provides infinite returns to the owner. Learn about it here as there is a sad but touching love story behind it.

(The Fortune Cookie Prophecy) - Do you believe in the prophecy that comes with the fortune cookie? If you do not, read this story and think again. Adorable story on how a simple prophecy brings love to a couple.


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