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Love Stories


Love Stories

Love stories convey how difficult it is to love without regrets. However, for those who have done it, they live a fulfilling and satisfying life. Read about different people love experiences here.


Selected Love Stories

(My Secretary) - Do you have fantasies about your secretary? Lead your fantasy turn reality in this wicked but hilarious story.

Love Game) - This story is about how a game of love turns sour as death separates a pair of cross fated lovers.

(Never Mind, There's Tomorrow) - Is there always a tomorrow? Be inspired with a lesson on how to treasure everything we have now.

(Count Your Marbles) - Another story on how precious time is and how we should utilise it fully with our loved ones.

(Gift of Love) - What is the biggest gift of love you have given our sweetheart? Read this sweet story to know the greatest gift you can ever give to someone.

(Chris Diary) - Do you keep a diary? Read about how a relationship end in the worse possible way through a diary.

(The Salty Coffee) - Can a cup of coffee ever taste salty? Read how a cup of salty coffee binds a couple together and contributed to a sweet ending to their love.

(Only Love) - A sad love story about how the song "Only Love" only brings nothing but sad memories for a woman who have answered love's question butreceived no answer in return.

(True Love) - Is there ever such a thing as true love? This story is about how a futile search for true love end up in tears for a man who found it too late.

(Love, Wealth and Success) - Which of the three to you wish to attain most? Is it love, wealth or success? See how love matters most ultimately.

(Potatoes) - See how hatred and potatoes are link here. Hidden beneath the cute love story lies a lesson for little kids.

(A Silent Love) - Can love exist in total silence? See how love overcome disability. Very touching story.

(The Fortune Cookie Prophecy) - Do you believe in the prophecy that comes with the fortune cookie? If you do not, read this story and think again. Adorable story on how a simple prophecy brings love to a couple.

(Jacelyn) - This story is about the girl whom you have always wanted to ask out but never summon the courage to do so. Find the courage to do so here!


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