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Sometimes I See You Standing There

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Sometimes I see you standing there,

Right in front of me,

I hope you know that I do care,

But now you're suffering free.

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I look back at old photos,

It makes me feel your here,

Just knowing your love and care in quotes,

Helps me to have no fear.


I see you sitting on a chair,

In the sunny part of our garden,

With a bit of wind blowing through your hair,

And drinking orange from a carton.


Then one night not long ago,

I gazed into the sky,

And one star began to glow,

As my troubled times went by.


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That same night I wondered why,

That star looked so new,

Then I gave a relieving sigh,

Because I knew it was just for you.


Some things were said but I don't care,

'Because we'd never grow apart,

Because I know you're always there,

Just within our hearts.



More Love Quotes Poems Page 1 | 2


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