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You justify my existence ...
if i have not known you,
I wouldn't have lived,
if I die with out knowing you,
I wouldn't die coz I didn't live at all .

Love? It's kind of complicated,
but I'll tell you this...
the second you're willing
to make yourself miserable
to make someone else happy,
that's love right there

Have you ever noticed
that the worst way
to miss someone
is when they are right beside you
and you can never have them?

Dance like no one is watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt
Sing like no one is listening,
Live like its heaven on earth

Only those lovers that can compromise
with one another without feeling stressed are truly in love!

A kiss is just a kiss
till you find the one you love.
A hug is just a hug
till you find the one
you're always thinking of.
A dream is just a dream
till it comes true.
Love was just a word
till I heard it from you.

You may admire
a girl's curves
on the first introduction,
but the second meeting
shows up new angles.

A true man does not need to romance a different girl every night,
a true man romances the same girl for the rest of her life

I want to be the girl
that makes your bad day better
and the one that makes you say,
my life has changed since I met her


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