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Touching Stories

(Love Game) - This story is about how a game of love turns sour as death separates a pair of cross fated lovers.

(The Hardest Thing I Had To Say) - This story shows that sometimes a simple "I Love You" is the hardest thing to say. It can ultimately lead to a life of regrets and depression.

(The Soldier) - A popular hot love story about how a soldier won his maiden's heart through being a gentleman.

(Myanmar Love Story) - In life, you never really fail until you stop trying. However, love is such that you should treasure what lies in front of you and not fight for the future which is uncertain anyway. Let this story enlighten you.

(Text Me) - Text Messages are the fastest way to reach your love ones nowadays. See how text messaging brought together a couple and yet cause their separation ultimately.

(Story For Love) - Would you be willing to take on someone who is 100 times larger than you for love? A fragile little butterfly did so and in the process showed us how love is all around us even in the insect kingdom.


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