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Lost Love Poems
Without You

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Without you, the city falls asleep softly,

Without you, the color disappears slowly,

Without you, the trees forget the wind,

Without you, the night is chagrined.

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Without you, my music does not amaze,

Without you, my hours are days,

Without you, my heart gets bored,

Without you, my steps are too heavy and not labored.


Without you, my thoughts prevent me from going to bed,

Without you, I do not distinguish the horizon ahead,

Without you, there are no heavens,

Without you, the time forgets its reasons.


Without you, I am afraid of the next day not chosen,

Without you, the haze conceals the splendid ocean,

Without you, I do not figure or picture anything pleasant,

Without you, I am wondering this question at this moment...


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My love, where are you hidden?

Without you, my happiness is forbidden,

My heart without you, is not at all replete,

My life without you, is so incomplete...



More Lost Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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