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Leo Love Horoscope
( july 23 - aug 22 )


Leo Characteristics and Leo Personality

Leos love compliments and praise. Give them plenty of it. Underneath the surface of this proud, take charge persona is a sensitive and vulnerable person that needs constant reassurance. It is an essential tool for them. Keep in mind, that flattery will get you everywhere. As a result, the more you feed their egos, the longer your relationship will last.

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On a date with them, be sure not to skimp on anything, as they love the pleasures of life and feel that they are deserving of nice things. Leos tend to be spendthrifts as nothing is too good for them. Feel free to discuss topics of intellectual interest. They love to share their opinion, although be aware that they are prone to be boisterous about what they believe is right, and in most cases will not alter in opinion. They also love to take charge and play the leading role.

Sexually a Leo will go to all measures to please a partner. They want a relationship to be exciting and intense. However, as much as they need devotion, they deplore possessiveness and jealousy. A true Leo will remain faithful in a relationship, however they must have space and freedom to allow their outgoing nature to explore new adventures.

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If you're looking for a generous, creative person that usually has a sunny disposition about life, you've found them. Don't forget to take into account that the a person with Leo Astrology has the symbol of the lion for a reason. This king of the jungle, can be quite domineering at times. Nonetheless, provided with the necessities that a Leo needs, you will find an affectionate, cheerful companion that will do almost anything for you.

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