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Sayings For Your Girlfriend

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A girlfriend is probably
the only person in this world,
who understands exactly
what you are saying
even though if you
may not really be talking.

The average Hollywood film
star's ambition is to be
admired by an American,
courted by an Italian,
married to an Englishman
and have a French boyfriend.

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I almost had
a psychic girlfriend
but she left me
before we met.

Tell your girlfriend
I said thanks

My Roman girlfriend
translates bits from
Italian into English.
It is sublime.

Laugh and the
world laughs with you.
Cry and you
cry with your girlfriends.

This pretty young blonde girl
was screaming at her boyfriend
because he text-messaged her
that they were going away for the weekend
- and he had just told her
he couldn't see her that weekend.
He had text messaged
the wrong girlfriend!

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Well, a girlfriend once
told me never to fight
with anybody you don't love.

More Quotes For Your Girlfriend Page 1 | 2


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