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Quotes For Your Girlfriend

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You have found true love
the day you realize
that you want to wake up
beside your boyfriend/girlfriend,
every morning,
even though you have your differences.

I don't have a girlfriend.
But I do know a woman
who'd be mad at me
for saying that.

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I used to try to
draw my girlfriends.
I think one of the
most romantic things
that anybody can do
is draw a portrait
of the person you love.

Because I have a girlfriend,
I try and take the
straight and narrow path,
which is good
because it prevents VD

Relationships are hard.
It's like a full-time job,
and we should treat it like one.
If your boyfriend or girlfriend
wants to leave you,
they should give you two weeks' notice.
There should be severance pay,
and before they leave you,
they should have to find you a temp.

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In a relationship.
The times that I remember the most.
Are the times when I was with my girlfriend
in the spirit of love.
Not in the feeling of lust..

More Quotes For Your Girlfriend Page 1 | 2


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