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Poems For Your Girlfriend
It's Time To Move On

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It's time move on

Looking back on all years I've known you

I can't help but feel a tingle in my lonely heart

We've had good times and bad times

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I remember all the summers

we spent together

Walking on sandy beaches

Walking round hills and moors

Riding horseback together back in Brean

Holding hands walking round Devon town

We were best friends all our life

Even when we were little in playgroup

But then five years ago and five summers ago

We became much more

We became boyfriend and girlfriend

I can remember every detail about you

To the way you laugh

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Down to the way you act

Loving you kept me alive and helped me live my life

Full of passion and love

But now all I can feel is pain

That you feel in love with someone other than me

I thought we'd always be together and forever.



More Poems For Your Girlfriend Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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