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Friendship Love Poems
Because Of You

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Have you ever loved someone, but for your love he never really knew,
You'd always say love you tons and he'd always just love you too.
Did you ever just wanna make him understand or make him acknowledge the words you say,
But it's like it never works out, you're the one hurting the most at the end of the day.

Have you ever had someone who was your morning, afternoon, and you're night,
He meant the world to you, he was your sunshine, he'd be your moonlight.
Have you ever had him so close to your heart it's like everything would always be just right,
Because he was your everything, he'd be your moon and the stars in the sky at night.

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Have you ever thought about him 24/7, wondering what he'd be up to or even where he was,
You'd call him for no real reason at all, only calling just because.
Have you ever found yourself getting mad because you never had enough time for what you had to say,
You'd always have to wait for next time because there'd never be enough time that day.

Have you ever had someone to talk to, whenever it felt like your whole world was coming to an end,
He'd just sit there and listen, and then tell you it's all okay and that he'd always be your best friend.
He'd tell you he'd be there forever, no matter what the people say,
And no matter what everyone else thinks because he'd always love you anyway.

Have you ever wasted your day waiting, all because he said he'd call,
Have you ever wanted to tell him how you felt when it felt as if he never really cared at all.
Have you ever longed for his kiss or even thought about his smile,
And then just cried thinking about him only because you haven't seen him in a while.

Have you ever spent the whole day with him, but at the end it felt like the time just passed you by,
It's like your time was up but you didn't wanna let him go because you weren't ready to say goodbye.
Have you ever missed him soo much it's like you felt as if you were loosing your one and only best friend,
Because he was a big part of your life and it felt as if your whole life was coming to an end.

Have you ever fell asleep at night and dreamt about just being together,
One of those dreams you've always dreamt of having, the ones you'll always remember.
The ones walking along the beach with your bare feet in the sand,
Or laying on a blanket watching the stars while he's holding your hand.

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Have you ever just cried about anything, you could never really explain what was wrong,
You'd just sit there in tears because it never really mattered if it felt as if you couldn't be strong.
Have you ever wondered if he really did love you because at times it seemed like that could never be true,
Because it was like he was perfect and you'd wonder why he'd really love someone like you.

Have you ever just scribbled on a paper, day dreaming, while drawing hearts around his name,
You'd be thinking about him all day, but spending one day without him just wouldn't be the same.
Have you ever just missed him like crazy, and at times it was like you never really knew what to do,
You'd try and do just about anything to spend time with him but he'd just never get the clue.

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with him,
And what made things worse was that he could never understand why.
He'd just sit there thinking everything was okay,
When really your emotions killed you inside.

Have you ever wondered about what he'd be thinking about and if you'd ever be crossing his mind,
Or have you ever felt that you were just an old chapter in his lost book, somewhere left for no one to find.
Have you ever just stopped worrying about things, because you knew that everything would always be okay,
Because even if things got hard, he'd still love you forever and always and it would always be that way.

Have you ever love him with all your heart, and for your love he always knew,
You'd tell him you loved him tons and he'd always be the one who whispered it back to you.
Have you ever had him understand, he'd always acknowledge the words you'd say,
Because he was your best friend "forever and always" he promised that day.

Just Lisa

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