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The story you are about to read is about a friend of the webmaster of

The story is completely true and is written by the webmaster.

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She is the love of his life. Life isn’t the same anymore since she stepped into his life. Singlehood is finally consigned to history when they got together. University life is no longer simply about projects, lectures and exams only. He had got to know her in her first year orientation camp and since then, sparks flew.

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Although his positive outlook towards life and cheerful nature won him many friends, he frequently wishes to have a close girlfriend whom he can share his woes and joy. With her around him now, he is able to do so. His father had passed away a few months ago and it only drove him to work harder in his studies so he can fulfill his dream of working in the finance sector. A job in the thriving financial market will surely help him earn enough money to pay off his study loan and let his poor mother retire and live comfortably for the rest of her life. He wasn’t over ambitious but simply wants a better life for his family. Life is already getting slightly better for him as he is looking forward to an upcoming exchange to Shanghai where he can experience life abroad as a student.

Like all other relationships, they had their fair share of problems. In spite of that, she is touched by his devotedness and love towards her. She can remember how he painstakingly type every single text message she sent him into his laptop so he can save it. She also likes the fact he likes to talk crap and keep her happy. In addition, he also buys breakfast for her while she is asleep and also all the little things like kissing her on her forehead and patting her to sleep.

Valentine’s Day was around the corner and he had already planned what he to get her and what to do. He is going to get glow in the dark stars to form her name and buy her favorite perfume for her from his friend. It is going to be their first Valentine’s Day together and he wanted to make it memorable for her. He loved her with all his heart and wanted it to be the first of the many Valentine’s Days he is going to spent with her. In fact, he even joked about getting married with her with his friends and wants to learn to play Canon in D so he can play it for her when he propose to her.

She was waiting for him to go out for dinner at home. He was having late classes that day and they agree to go out for dinner together. It was unusual for him to be late. He never came…

He passed away in a bike accident on his way to her house. He was only 22 years old. All his dreams and plans were left unfulfilled.

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Webmaster note:

I wasn’t close to him but he left a lasting mark in my life as he did to many others. His girlfriend was devastated and tried to end her life. Fortunately, it failed. She miss him terribly and the feelings she penned down for him is absolutely heartbreaking. He is the last person to deserve such a fate and I think I deserve more of such a fate than him. He dared to love, fights for what he wants and is always optimistic in the worst situations. He gave an excellent example on how to live life, which is to have without regrets. This story is my tribute to him and I am sure because of him, many other people who know him will learn to live life to their fullest and appreciate life and people around them more than ever. I will never forget him and I am sure he still lives in the hearts of many.


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