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Christmas Love Poems
Blue Eyes, Blue Tears

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The day before Christmas,
And I'm crying.

Torn inside by the fact that it's been two weeks since I saw you last,
And I'm missing you so badly it hurts.

And yet, we're not a couple,
Never were.

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I love everything about you,
Your smile, your warmth, your voice
So deep and calm.

I love the way you held my hand sometimes,
Always made me laugh,
Always had a hug waiting for me whenever I needed one.

My baby.

I remember the moment before you left,
I hugged you so tight and you held me in your arms,
I looked up and gazed into your eyes,
Those blue, blue eyes,
Deep like the deepest ocean,
And I drowned.

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It's the day before Christmas,
And I'm crying.

Blue tears,
Like your eyes.
My baby.


More Christmas Love Poems Page 1


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