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Christian Love Poems
God’s Secret Love Promise

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This story is about a promise, made some time long ago.
A God made to his people, to help them love and grow.

A dear and Holy people, he cherished as his own.
Citizens of his kingdom, he ruled them from his throne.

A people born in heaven, they had no sin or strife.
A people taught to give, and live eternal life.

A people pure and clean, with heaven as their home.
The knowledge of good and evil, a mystery never known.

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A people who live in peace, their hearts devoid of hate.
A people who love their God, and walk with him in faith.

A people true and honest, with glory all about.
They swiftly obey his word, without question or a doubt.

A people born from love, a flawless perfect birth.
Intent on doing good, untouched by sin and earth.

A people living happy, no knowledge of a care.
A wealthy prosperous people, with splendor everywhere.

A people so dearly precious, their value has no end.
A treasure that’s so priceless, He’ll protect and even defend.

He made a secret promise, future vision to his own.
A deep sincerely promise, that’s anchored by his throne.

They’ll get new holy kings, like him but be his sons.
To grow in peace and joy, in the new world yet to come.

A secret private promise, he made to each of them.
A promise that his sons, will love and rule with him.

He promised they’ll rule with kindness, as tender-hearted kings.
And treat them very special, their hearts will surely sing.

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His strangely secret promise, was made to work two ways.
Bless both his kings and people, they’ll show him with praise.

First he’d promise his people, then promise to his sons.
They’ll be his holy children, they’ll be his only ones.

As wise and wealthy Father, he promised each a gift.
Their lives will soon improve, their lives will get a lift.

They’ll both become his family, his one and only lover.
He’ll work his two-way promise, and gift each to the other.

Then that day in wisdom, their God devised a plan.
To create his holy kings, to help rule throughout his land.

He’ll make them holy wise, he’ll make the like himself.
Divide with them his kingdom, and share with them his wealth.

He’ll train them down on earth, he’ll teach them what to do.
They’ll help him rule his people, and make his promise true.

He’ll show them how to rule, to treat his people kind.
He’ll bless their soul and spirit, renew them in their mind.

He’ll give them secret power, he’ll give them secret might.
They’ll happily rule his people, be pleasure in his sight.

That ends our promise story, a mystery little known.
He’ll look upon his children, admire how much they’ve grown.

Their god did keep his promise, he made sometime ago.
A promise to his children to help them love and grow.

More Christian Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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