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Break Up Poems
I Want A Guy Who Loves Me

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I want a guy who loves me
who needs me
who hugs me
who envies my heart
and won't tear break it apart

I want someone who means his kiss
not just so he can brag on this
someone I can trust
not one I'll have to bust
kissing my best friend
holding her soft hand

I wish I could handle this
but some things you just can't miss

I wish they wouldn't only want me to screw around
I wish they weren't such perverts and a little less profound
maybe then I'd learn to love
and not be scared of heartbreak
maybe then I'd find someone
that wasn't such a headache

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My heart won't love
because we just breakup
the whole town thinks I'm a slut

So give me a name of a guy with no game
and isnt in love for fame
who could love a girl like me
sometimes I wish they'd let me be
all by my lonesome
so I could have a break
because my heart can't take this pain

So let me watch the stars alone
don't try to kiss my lips
because I know me I'll just give in
and a mistake will be made
the price will be paid

Please don't let me hold your hand
if you're not in for more than friends
so let me be
and let the pain surround me
go ahead let me die
let the world swallow my pride

Because we're not meant to be
you know, you and me
so now your gonna let me fly
I won't worry who's by your side
I won't feel your torture
I won't even care
just please don't stare
I'm well aware of who you think you are

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Your heart is missing
and your just kissing
my butt good bye
You'll never see the wrong you've done
You just think you're the one
so screw those girls
have your fun

But you'll never have a life
a family or a wife
you're not stong enough
and just one woman for you
will be impossible to love

And sure I've made mistakes
but lets get to the chase
I've never kissed two guys one night
and I am not afaid to fight
for my right to love
so kiss my toes and bite my nose
you'll never have me back

For you're the one who stole my heart
now what is wrong with that?


More Break Up Poems Page 1 | 2


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