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Black Love Poems
Black Is More Than A Color

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Black is how we feel within,
Black is in our genes.
Devide and conquer's on their faces,
trying to split up the Black race,
but Black is more than skin.

In ancient Sumer, a travelled asked,
"What became of Sumer's ancient Blacks?"
"They forgot who they were," was said to he,
and so they lost their identity,
so least we make the same mistake,
here's raphistory for keeping sake.

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Black is a mysterious night,
silver stars o'er black velvet sky,
Black were the first parents of mankind,
from Ethiopia, 150,000 years gone by.
Black was the blue-black skins,
of Pharaohs, Kings and Queens,
whose blackness still remains,
in their mummy's melanin.
Pure Black was Khemet, Nubia, Punt, Ethiopia,
long before the barbarians defiled her

Black is the color of the original Gods,
Amon, Heru, Isis, Ausar and Aten,
Blask were the people who made it all begin,
in Khemet, Ta-Seti, Nubia, Kush and Punt,
Harappa and Mohenjo-daro,
even Shang and Shia China,
Washitaw and Olmec Mexico,
Sumer, Elam, Tarshish,
Numidia and the Moorish,
Wagadu, Nok and Mali,
Songhai, Canaan and Swahili.
Azania and Ziimbabwe.

Black is the pure color of melanin,
yes, its the substance which helps life begin,
protects the skin from aging,
and the rays of sun from burning.

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Black is an inventive mind,
creating and making, not staying behind,
a trendsetter, a go-getter,
who survived the Great Atlantic Waters,
Black Moorish, West African, Bantu culture,
built the Americas and helped beautify her

Black are a people,
unique and original,
one million years of culture and civilization,
and the first of the homosapiens.

Black is the blessings of the glorious sun,
given to God's Chosen Ones,
Black is the hue of most others' Gods,
of the ancient Greeks, Mayas, Aztecs and Indians,
of the Madonna and Child of many nations.

Black is what we must remain,
for never must we blend agan,
and loose our glorious culture,
likes the Blacks of ancient Summer.

More Black Love Poems Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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