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Text Me Part 5

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As we approached the great hall of the house, it dawned on me that there was a wake inside. I thought maybe a relative had passed away. However, deep in my heart, I was trembling and afraid.

As we entered the hall, there were many people silently mourning while others were praying.
I asked her mother, “Where is Mikaella?”
She held my hand and silently led me to the coffin which was surrounded by flowers. The flowers were all pink roses. No words could explain how I felt when I gazed into the coffin and saw who was lying there. It was the same beautiful girl I met yesterday…

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A man came beside me and I knew he was Mikaella’s father.
“We are so glad you came, Julius. Mikaella talked about you all the time. She even asked for her phone to be buried with her. She said that through this way, you could still send her messages and you would always be with her.”
I couldn’t believe everything… My mind was in limbo.
“But how can this be? We just saw each other yesterday.”
“That can’t possibly be. She passed away three days ago. She had been suffering from a heart disease since she was a child.” said her father.
“But…” I couldn’t find the words to say.
“She told us not to bother reaching you.” her mother said, still in tears.
“She said that you will come and here you are.”

Pain and bitterness overwhelmed me. I cried silently beside her as I stared at her lovely face. I tried to memorize every line of my friend’s face, a face I knew I would never forget while I was still alive.

After going to the wake that afternoon, I went to the chapel she told me she went everyday. I sat there praying and crying to God.

I held my phone and typed, “U taught me how 2 care; u taught me how 2 b kind; u shwd me how 2 lyk som1; u shwd me how 2 luv; but ders 1 thing u didnt teach me & it hurts - u didnt teach me how 2 let u go. I Love You.”

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I sent the message and even though I knew she wouldn’t be able to hold her cellphone again, I knew in my heart she would get my message. I didn’t expect a reply but my phone beeped seconds later. I felt a shiver down my spine. The sender’s number did not appear on the screen but tears rolled down my cheeks as I read the message.

“Let go of d hand of d person u love, but dont let go of God’s hand. 4 if u hold 2 his hand. He may b holding d person u love in d other hand 2 let u hold each other again.”

“I will never forget you Mikaella. I will never let you go…” I vowed to her and to myself as I left the chapel.

Mikaella brought out something about me that I never knew I had; I realized I could also be a romantic person... Even if it's just through text messaging.

"Keep me as a frnd & I will keep u in my heart. Lock it up & throw away d key so dat no1 can evr tke u away from me..."
One day, she sent this message to me.

I replied, 'In life, we seldom find a true prson & if u evr find 1, hold on & nvr let go... Value dat prson coz it's a gift worth keeping & holdin on..."

Text Me Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


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