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Text Me Part 3

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I sent her another message, "Loving u secretly is a hard thing 4 me 2 do, hoping, wondering that u will feel d same way 2, but I can't read ur mind to know if u luv me 2. But whatever it is, I'll still be loving u."

"How I wish I cud really tell u how much u mean 2 me, but Im afraid 2 love, scared 2 get hurt. I hope dat u will wait 4 me & pray dat u will not get tired of loving me. =)" was her reply.

And I replied again. "The reason y I met u is bcoz of destiny but if destiny will suggest dat I'll live w/o u, den, I'll not follow my destiny but my free will."

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Whenever I asked her when can we meet personally, she will always reply, "Soon... soon, love... soon."

Not seeing each other did not lessen our love even by a bit. What I felt for her grew deeper and stronger each day. And I was sure she felt the same way too. Love messages continued to flow through our lines between our hearts, which made us think that we would see each other, face to face, heart to heart someday.

Just a few days before Christmas, she stopped sending me messages. At first I just thought she had ran out of credit on her prepaid card.

However, there was something that kept bothering me. I couldn't understand what was it, but it made me felt nervous. I tried to call her but she wouldn't answer. Nevertheless, I continued sending her messages.

One night, just three days before our Lord's birthday, I suddenly heard my phone's message tone again. At last! It was from her!

"Often in tym, we say gudbye 2 d 1 we luv w/o wanting 2. Though dat doesn't mean dat we stopped loving dem or we stopped 2 care. Sometyms, Goodbye is a painful way 2 say I Love You."

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I was dumfounded. I didn't know what to think of it. What did she mean? I texted her back searching for answers. However, I found nothing. I called her but she would not answer as usual.

For the first time in my life, I felt so miserable, desperate and empty. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to lose her. I had learned to love her and I wanted to be with her forever.

The following days, I felt nothing but emptiness. It seemed that Mikaella took the life out of me. I missed her so much. I missed her messages. I missed hearing my message tone that would indicate that she had sent another loving message. Nobody around me could feel the emptiness I felt.

Tut... Tut... Tut... Tut... Tut...
A day before Christmas, my cellphone beeped again. It was her!

“Meet me at d cafe, 10 am 2day”

I read it aloud, making sure the message was true. I jumped with joy upon hearing from her again. I got myself ready in a hurry and went to the mall. I knew it was still early, but I wanted to be there before she arrived.

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