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No man or woman is worth your tears,
and the one who is will never make you cry.

A girl asked a guy if she was pretty,
he said no.
She asked him if he wanted her,
he said no.
She asked him if she left would he cry,
he said no.
She turned to leave,
he grabbed her arm and said
you're not pretty; you're beautiful.
And I don't want you; I need you.
And I wouldn't cry if you left; I would die

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Love isn't finding a perfect person,
it's seeing an imperfect person perfectly

No one falls in love by choice,
it is by CHANCE.
No one stays in love by chance,
it is by WORK.
And no one falls out of love by chance,
it is by CHOICE.

You give me something
no one else can,
a reason to live.

If in this lifetime,
I wont get to have you,
I'll make sure that if I meet you in my next life
I wont have to think twice on
saying that I waited a lifetime to say I love you...

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If You Love Me Like You Told Me
Please Be Careful With My Heart.
You Can Take It Just Don't Break It
Or My World Would Fall Apart.

To see you is what my eyes long for,
to touch you is what my body longs for,
but to love you,
my heart has done already for a long time.

If, each time I thought of you were a flower,
I could walk in my garden forever.

One look
One smile
One touch
One embrace
One kiss
One love
Two people
Two minds
Two souls
Two destinies
One road
One journey
One ending

More Best Love Quotes Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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